Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wallpaper and Buttons

This week has been dedicated to just getting some of my ideas put to reality. I am needing to move a large armoire. Problem stores a lot of my craft items and it is super heavy. So, the great idea is to complete projects that are housed in said item and theoretically EMPTY the armoire. So, here goes........
I gather the square canvases and a swatch of wallpaper I had considered for my kitchen at one time. It didn't make the final cut, but I was determined to use this bit of wallpaper somehow. I love it. I used an exacto knife and cut out one of the motifs. The black acrylic paint is base coated over the entire canvas, including the sides.
After the paint dried, I used a white pencil and wrote french phrases across the canvas. Well, that didn't show up as strong after the final glaze was applied and the photo doesn't pick it up very well. I used decoupage medium to place the cut out on the canvas. I followed up with 3 coats total. (It will be used in the kitchen and I wanted to be able to wipe it off easily)
I used gold Rub 'n Buff to highlight the edges of the canvas and some of the design.
Voila, an instant artwork. I love an easy project that is also FAST.
Then, I moved onto the green Styrofoam cone. I covered it with a pieces of white fabric i.e. muslin, pellon just to hide the green. It will NOT be seen in the end. I then used a length of lace and wrapped it around the cone also.
I have a lot of white buttons from my grandmother's collection. Finally a decorative use for all of them. I placed the larger ones scattered over the cone, then followed up with smaller ones. I used dressmaker pins and pearl seed beads to pin each button onto the cone.
A note: I purchased the pkg of 750 pins and have run out. This is just a 12" cone. So, you will always use more than you anticipate. I KNOW that, but did I listen to myself? Obviously NOT.
This is a time to contemplate deep thoughts while you pin buttons. (another way of letting you know, it'll take a bit of time for this part of the project)
But, it looks great when it is done. It is actually a great way to store these buttons in a decorative way. If I need one, just pluck it off the tree.
I can't decide how to finish off the topper and I may make a topiary with a dowel and container. Any ideas? Please leave me a suggestion.

I will post more of the Armoire Projects as they occur this week. Happy Crafting.

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