Saturday, November 1, 2008

How about those Raiders!!!

Texas Tech 39 - Texas 33!!!

This was the most amazing game of the season. Phew, we're exhausted. Tech scores with 1 second left on the clock to pull off a serious upset. (understatement!!) These were 2 great teams and McCoy just didn't get a chance to show his stuff till the 4th. Harrell and Crabtree turned out to be the showstoppers in the end. Defense was certainly the name of the game.

This one was such a jump up and scream game that I didn't even get my usual idea sheet and planning list together for my crafty projects. I did remove Halloween and fluffed up for Fall a bit.

Don't ya just love football season? Yeah!


misselaineous said...

saw your winning pumpkin creation on Junk Market, so had to check out your blog...awesome pumpkin...congrats on winning!! My big pumpkin is still naked on the much for good intentions..LOL *elaine*

Cindy said...

Love your punkin pumpkin! Very creative.