Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apron search

Ok y'all~
Don't ya just hate it when you can't find something that you just saw recently? I have been surfing for the past couple of hours....NO exaggeration! I had seen the cutest apron, but where is it now?
It had been adapted from a nail apron, the type that you can purchase at your lumber yard. It had vintage fabrics applied to the front and pocket flaps. The flaps had embellishments such as a key and other smalls that held the flap tight by a companion magnet on the apron. Now, how clever is that?!
If anyone knows the blog that holds such a treasure....PLEASE release me from my torment and send me a link in the comments. I really thought I had bookmarked it for future perusal. Apparently I need to add a sticky note to my screen.
I pulled out a few of my old textiles. Very few actually, but enough to inspire me. I love to collect these from sales. I was digging through some of the feed sacks and decorative towels and some great old lace. I rarely cut these apart unless they are already tattered beyond repair. I did find a few that will become something new.
This business of cleaning out my armoire is turning into some serious work!


misselaineous said...

Hey! Margo over at Margo's Junkin' Journal had a post of several bags she made using carpenter type aprons & vintage fabrics. Think this might be the blog you're lookin' for? *elaine*

terri said...

That was it!! I knew it had to be somewhere close and I found it in October. Thanks for the help and for stopping by for a visit.