Monday, August 11, 2008

vintage Cat

I came across this precious vintage pic. The little black kitty has that same scaredy cat look as our Chester kitty. We are working on a photo session with Chester. She is such a camera hog and has to get right into the lense to see how it is working. Hard to take the perfect shot. I sort through all the shots to select the best one because most are a blur of speed. That cat is fast.
It is hard to believe we are into August. Our first grand-daughter will make an appearance by the end of the month. We are anticipating a road trip soon to be there for her grand entrance. Equal in importance is seeing my son and his precious wife. He is granted a short leave to be home from Afghanistan for this arrival of his firstborn. A mini family reunion and a chance to celebrate our birthdays all together. The nearly 1500 miles between us is going to seem even further after that precious baby arrives. I can see our frequent flyer miles adding up again.

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Maggie R said...

How wonderful your son was granted a leave for such a special occasion.... I pray all is well..