Thursday, August 21, 2008

Giving Thanks

Tonight, my son will be home from Afghanistan for a small snippet of time. His first child will arrive soon and we are so blessed with so many great and wonderful happenings.

I reflect on when both my children came into this world. An awesome moment to be sure that can't be duplicated on any level. They have grown into terrific adults that make me very proud.

It is a frantic push here at the bump in the road to get things done. DH is mowing the lawn and I am surfing the web. hmmm, that doesn't seem productive....ok, I'll get up and finish my To Do List in a bit. I have actually placed a few things in the car...very few. Tomorrow will be frenzy day. woohoo. I am so excited to get on the road.

remember it is the Simple Pleasures that are Life's Treasures.

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