Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sparkley Things

I know Spring is upon us because all these flowing, sparkling dresses arrive at my doorstep for a helping hand.  Prom is around the corner and I love to see what the gals have selected for this years entrance.  Multicolor ensembles will seem to rule the evening I think and I LUV it.
This one just escaped my sewing machine this week.  Wowza, talk about needing the sunglasses while putting the rhinestones back on this one!  These gals will model these and send pics after prom, so come back for an ooh and ahh.
These little sparkleys are from my craft table.  I discovered some of these gems in a hidden drawer and I perked them up with some love of sorts.  This is my kind of spring cleaning.  I work on making a completed project as opposed to a miscellany of components.  I feel like I've cleared out stuff when in reality...NOT happening.  I just get it repurposed to display instead. 
Oh my, I think this is some form of denial..but I refuse to accept that!  haha.
Another spring cleaning item was this zipper from an old something or felt like it should be a rose in it's makeover. 
I'm off to the studio to create another mess. 
And I just have a quick tidbit..don't craft with permanent inks just before church.  It ruins the manicure and looks like some incurable disease!  Just thought you'd wanna know.

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too the zipper