Friday, April 30, 2010

Now it's paper dolls!

I have been revisiting a most favorite childhood past time.  Paper dolls! but these are paper dolls on steroids.  These gals are going overboard on their outfits and all because of a swap that happens at Paper Cowgirl in Waxahachie in June.  Yippee.  The teachers and their classes are awesome and the swaps are like a bonus gift.
I joined the paper doll swap and these past couple of days I have started knocking them out. Haha, well by the looks of the body parts scattered about, it does look as if I have been knocking someone over the head all over my art table.
Then you have to understand there is torture involved.  Be still you paper hand or I'll clamp you with a  clothespin.
Oh my, now what shoes for the occasion?!!!  I may need to go shopping for just the right pair.  Who carries 1" size?
Trims and tassels will be involved....OF COURSE!
One gal is dressed down to her boots.  Good shoe choice!  Comfy and ready to hit the dance floor.

I have created a rat's nest of a work area now and I still have several dolls to complete.  At this point, nearly all of my supplies are OUT and around me.  I have to be careful how I even roll my chair back and take a step because of the craziness.  It may take me a couple of days to just find my way out of my studio space so just deliver food and water for now.  I'm off to play with my dollies.

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