Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creating a Posie

I am gardening with my sewing machine this past week.  I have joined a swap that requires a hand created bloom.  There are several prototypes in my 'garden' work table and I can't decide which direction to go.  I like this one, but am limited on the vintage pins that go in the center, so that element will require a plan B.  I have been known to resort to plan W in the past!  We may be on our way here again. 
I layered silks, chiffons, tulle netting and lace and anchored with freeform stitching.  I am going to explore a few other options....such as something I can do with my/our Cricut Expressions.  I hope I can cut fabrics with it and that will be an experiment high on my list.  This new toy needs some play time dedicated to it and my schedule isn't allowing a lot of that.  A gal has got to have her afternoon naps!!  The Sweet One got me in that habit.  Ha ha, blame it on the grandchild.  Bad grandma! 
Glad you made a quick hop over here for my quick post.  Come back again...ya hear?

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Suzie Button said...

Your flower is GORGEOUS! I'm in the swap too, I hope I get this in the swap! WOW! Really very very pretty! Suzie