Thursday, March 25, 2010

More stitchin projects

I took a break from sewing to sew.  That just sounds warped!  But, that is the state of things.....warped. 
The deadline for the Sweet One's Easter dress is drawing near.
This year called for something simple and sweet.  I opted for a yellow satin with a chiffon overlay.  She has a darling little cotton sweater with crochet blooms that will coordinate beautifully. 
I worked up the little flower with a scrap of the chiffon cut on the bias and ran a gathering stitch and curled it up into a little bloom and laid it over the same in the yellow satin which didn't show itself from this angle.

 The hem was done with another bias strip just ruffled up.  It worked great for me and covered the not so perfect rolled hem.  I dread rolled hems on chiffon so why is it that is what I chose?!!...Another warped moment to say the least.  A simple solution and just the right touch for the Sweet One's dress. 
Now for the perfect shoe.  That may not be so easy.

Another project recently completed.....
A friend commissioned these for her business and they turned out so cute. 
 They have appliques on the front and rear pocket. 
Then we have coordinating fun bags.  These are the perfect size to sling over your shoulder and tote your necessities of the moment.  The interior size is also perfect to carry baby items.  Throw in a couple of diapers, wipees and a sippie cup and you are good to go.
Each bag has an exterior pocket for your cell phone or just your 'pocket' change. 
haha, I couldn't resist it, so sorry.
All bags are lined from repurposed fabrics, so each creation is unique. 
If you're lucky to be in Phoenix, AZ check out "GIrlS NiGHt OUt" at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Resort 2pm -9pm on Saturday.  You can snag some cool fashion items from the Cracker Jack Gals booth. 
Tell em..Terri sent ya!
I don't know if that will get you any extra points, but they'll enjoy knowing where their FREE advertising dollars are going.
I'll post more pics of current projects very soon, so y'all come back!

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Cindy said...

Great work. Love the dress, your little sweetie will look so cute in her new dress. You are so TALENTED!