Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheetah Gals, no Cougars here!

Hanging out here with THE award show and chit-chatting with my BFF, Heather.  What's a girl to do with all the glamour on the tv going on?  We make our own when we pull out body parts from the back of her truck.  Has that got you going yet?   haha. You mean you don't have mannequins in your closet to paint?
You haven't painted until you've painted these babies, ur uh.....boobies.  Good job girlfriend.

These gals are now ready for some serious stylin'.  They'll be showing off their other looks in Phoenix, AZ at the Girls Night Out event.  Be sure to check out the Cracker Jack Gals booth.  Cheetah gals have so many looks to choose from.
Now that you see what these Award shows inspire.  Y'all get to it and see what you can dig up to slap some paint onto and fill your couple of hours with a little extra glam.

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Lisa Bush said...

love the cheeta glam .... and of course the bling bling!! COOL!