Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweetness abounds

I pause this blog for a Gramma moment........
These past 2 weeks have been fun-filled adventures with the Sweet One.  We were headed out for shopping..I turn around as I'm backing out the driveway to see this fashion statement.  Now, that's a hat gals!

The first week, she acquired a stomach virus.  It hit just after bedtime, so we were up most of the night.  3 loads of laundry later and lots of disinfecting were the course of the evening.  Yucky stuff folks, Uhhhhhh, need I say more.  NOPE. 
THEN we managed to burst forth 4...yea, you got it...Four MOLARS in the course of these 2 weeks. 
R-E-L-I-E-F that is done with.  I was wanting to get pics of those glorious whites, but not to happen.  Although I did contemplate clamps and duct tape at one point.  teehee.  Not really, just calm down now Mommy.  This was one little girl that was miserable for several days and one tired MiMa.  I took naps right along with her for survival.  haha. 
Despite it all, we had a ton of laughs and hilarity provided by her antics and overall cuteness.  She was also determined that the lint brush should dial out and she was certainly talking to someone for a while..
Who Knew? 

Now, for our irregularly scheduled blog...

I came back home after delivering the Sweet One to said parents to find that I had WON a giveaway at
I was totally doing a happy dance and her goodies are unbelievable.  Wowza.  You must stop by her blog and Etsy to enjoy all her goodies.

Now, I'm back at the sweatshop and the projects are already stacking up.  Yay?  Where's my nap is all I'm thinking about.  How quickly those habits form!

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Janet said...

ahh, she's adorable! so glad you had a great time with her...kinda! i love what a precious and lasting impression my grandparents had on me!