Monday, November 9, 2009

Blue Monday

It's not what you think. I'm not all sad and hanging around all down in the mouth. But, instead celebrating more blue that entered my house. I have a definite sumpin, sumpin for blue and then if it is glass or breakable in any manner, it seems to find it's way home with me.
My dear grandmother gave me a set of dishes in this pattern as a wedding gift many years ago. I have managed to slowly deplete a few of the pieces through daily use. I was doing a happy dance when I saw a box full of these pieces for a price that would make you sing. I will still be searching for the dinner plates.

Since we are talking tableware, I'll pass on our etiquette tip for today:
  • Never tip a plate or a glass to obtain the last atom of its contents.
  • Avoid looking over the top or rim of cup or glass while drinking, and do not gulp a beverage down as though famished. The lips should be carefully wiped before drinking to avoid leaving the marks of greasy lips on the rim of glass or goblet. Wipe the lips after drinking milk, cocoa, or chocolate. So, I see smoothies and coffee are exempt?
(obtained from a handbook published by the Association of Women Students and Self-Governing Association of Texas Technological College,1938)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Aprons at attention

More booty from a great sale has made it's way out of a box. There are aprons everywhere now. Starch and sizing and a super hot steam iron made a few of these beauties stand to attention. Ironing is definitely not my most fav pastime, but is sorta relaxing in a mundane way. I had flashbacks to the 60's when my mother ironed all evening during tv time.
Expecting to just have a dozen total, I was shocked when the final count was 29! A few were old skirts that had been re-fitted into new duty and then flour sack fabrics and other misc. goodness. The majority were definitely work aprons and had seen their share of it. There were only 2 full aprons and one of those was for a child with the cutest raggedy ann and andy print. The pink roses is a sweet one and fits very nicely. It may stay in my kitchen for a while.
The cutest one of the lot was the red stripe with the adorable pockets. They say it ALL folks!!

BEFORE the kids and chores she had time to gussy up a bit and I am sure Mr. Husband always brought home a bouquet of flowers!.....and, oh that a box of CHOCOLATES??
AFTER.....this tells it like it is.
I can imagine she is greeting him at the door in DESPERATION! You've got to hand it to him though....he is still smiling and bringing her goodies,
even if it is the groceries.
Excerpt from 'As We Like It' for accepted social usage at the table.
Do not employ both hands in eating. Keep one hand or the other in the lap a good part of the time. Ummmmm, really?
Do not gesticulate with the silver. OK, I'm out with that one! haha, I thought a fork was to help orchestrate the conversation! How many demerits would I have collected?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Silver and other wild things

It is looking like a zoo of wild animal prints everywhere in the sweatshop! A friend ordered these cute little pillows for a show in Amarillo. They say Dear Santa and have a pocket to stash a letter to Santa.
And if cheetah isn't your cat's is some zebra. These would be so cute tucked into the tree at Christmas. They could hold $$$ or gift cards also. If you are thinking you need one, check things out with Missy at Redford Ranch Style. She is setting up a booth for a Christmas show and then the World Ranch Rodeo Finals in Amarillo. Her shop in Benjamin has tons of cute items. If you are ever through that part of Texas, just stop in and browse all her goodies.
For the garage sale fun in my life...this is only a very small portion of a terrific haul I made recently. I am such a sucker for silver and then if you throw in some cobalt blue...SOLD!!! I also scored on a box full of vintage aprons. They are presently in the wash and I'll share them a bit later. They sooooo do not appreciate being photographed all wet and drippy!
There were also sack fulls of vintage kitchen items, dishes, holiday decor.....Hmmmm. I think I need to keep unpacking and taking some more pics to share.