Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paint the bathroom, company's comin

Hi, welcome to a quick tour of a project in the guest bath. The guests will be arriving and I've been cleaning house and freshening the Christmas reds in the rest of the house. This room hasn't been touched yet by the decorating elves, but thought I'd share a few pics of the blank palette.
When we purchased this home a few years ago, the bathrooms were dated and the countertops were in sorry shape and had the original vintage color....NOT the desirable vintage color either. There were many other priorities, but I couldn't live with the cracked counters. Paint to the rescue! Drag out the bondo-putty-goo stuff (normally used to repair car bodies) to repair the edges. That worked very well. I didn't even lift the sink basin, just painted up to the edge of the rim. Conventional craft acrylics and faux marble techniques and a couple of coats of polyurethane to finish. Voila! Five years later it is holding up great for just a 1 year bandage project.
After removing the wallpaper that was in this room, I did the usual prep and then started layering. The base color matched the yellow tile to help it all blend in and disappear. The preferred look was a worn paint finish that would allow the wallpaper to peak through. Actually that was my cheat. I photocopied the fabric from the curtains and glued some pieces onto the wall to create my own personal vintage paper. Spackle is my friend and was used to create a plaster look and then distressed with sandpaper and general scraping.
Dry brush a soft creamy white over the entire wall to tone the golden yellow paint down a notch.
Here is a shot of the shower treatment. I love layers and this one has it with the 2 sets of shower curtains plus the liner and then the valance to finish it all off.
Well, that's it for making a small space more tolerable. I hope you enjoyed the tour and y'all come back soon, ya hear?!


Anonymous said...

Terri, I love the printed paper idea on your bathroom walls.

I noticed the new picture you posted of yourself. You are a true country gal.

terri said...

Thanks for the comment. I did change the picture. My friend took that photo and she does some great work. Check out her site http://cangerer-photography.smugmug.com/.