Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Kitties

We interrupt our holiday projects and shopping to share a Kitty Saga.

The news is out around the countryside. We are officially a haven for handicap cats! ANOTHER cat found it's way to our house by way of a neglectful owner in a passing vehicle!! She is a beautiful cat and was 'with child'. Actually 3 'childs'.
We realized a couple of weeks ago that Momma Cat is partially blind. She only sees large shapes. We have to speak to her to ease her tension as we approach her. She is so lovable and was a house pet at one time. It didn't take her long to become friendly with us. Chester is another story. Her mother instincts are in full force and he is not allowed in their zone. The kittens are now 5 weeks old and she recently moved them to our garage. Smart momma that she is....near the food and protection. Just in the nick of time, because it is freezing (actually colder than freezing this week). We have them a heat lamp and lots of bedding to keep warm. They are all adorable and we have finally been able to get them used to human contact. It's time for them to find homes with worthy families. Lot's of entertainment is bundled in each of these treasures.

Keep good thoughts for these precious bundles that someone wants to adopt these cuties.

I'll get back to another recent project tomorrow.

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