Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crystal glimmer

This another way to clear the 'armoire' craft stash- Make A Lamp Shade of Crystals. The beautiful dainty lamp was a treasure from a recent garage sale, but alas, no shade. AHA! I know where one my stash of junque.
I wrapped the frame with some vintage seam binding from my Grandmother's stash.
There was an assortment of chandi shine in a box. I am sure I have more, but that may be in another armoire assortment. Just hang them around the frame and than add some crystals BTY I scored at wallyworld recently.
And Voila! Now, the precious pink lamp has an appropriate shade to compliment it's inner glamour.
Does anyone remember shoe-clips? They were so practical to dress up a basic pump and have a whole new shoe. Now, you can add them to your lamp shade too..Who Knew?
Then I had to add a pair of earrings in the softest pink to match the base.
And these also came from Mom's (grandmother)stash. This is her picture at her 80th? birthday. Wasn't she just beautiful? Miss her daily, but she'd love all these projects and would be right there with me and have a ton of her own creative ideas.
The beauty of this shade is getting to add items as they are discovered.
Go discover something to create today and free yourself from the stress of holiday shopping.

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Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

well, i love your lamp shade......i have about four large lamp shades that have been waiting forever to be made into chandeliers kind of like you've done with your small one, only different.
i'm now inspired to get those done!!!

thank you!!! LOL, Jan