Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The paint has been flying again and the flowers were grown onto the wall.  I just freehanded the vines and blooms onto the wall to mimic the window fabrics.  accent-wall

The opposite end of the wall has a balance flower a bit higher on the wall.  I like it and when the art is hung up, I think it will all blend in quite well.  I just haven’t decided which art to go with.  accent-wall-2

In our prior home, the wall space was much more abundant and not the case in our current domicile.  Hence, I have a lot of art in storage that I can’t part with or decide where to hang them.  I believe I will be pulling a few out for a test run in here.

This week will be moving along at a snail’s pace since I have the help of the Sweet One.  No complaints in the Grandma dept. 

Have a most terrific day/night!

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Cindy said...


Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Well, look at you!!

Linda said...

Hey...your angels are on my blog today! Update this place! hahaha hugs, linda