Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, New Color

I have now prepped and primed the accent wall.  I am so excited about this new color of blue in this room.  I couldn’t even wait for the second coat to take a pic and share.  In the right light, it has the dusty turquoise I was hoping for.  I installed some new daylight fluorescents and it throws off the colors in here.  A change will remedy that problem after all the work is done.  I do however like the flood of light for the

I normally wouldn’t be one to go for complimentary colors, but I was inspired from this fabric.fabric-closeup

I can see it all coming together with the antique whites that I already have going on.  I will be moving some new/old furniture in here that I scored at an estate sale.  fabric-vision

I even had a vision of some floor starting to peek through all the chaos.  Be still my heart!!  I see an end to the project!  Well…for this room anyway.  The sweet little pink nightstand may find another home soon.  I can’t fit it into any spare cubby around here and a BFF is whispering in my ear that she has just the RIGHT place for it.  As long as it has a loving home…so be it.visions-of-floor

I seem to be acquiring the allergy crud that is flying around here and I am in a foggy frenzy to get the painting finished.  Painting on drugs (OTC, of course) is not highly recommended for making clean edges in the corners.  Ugh, retouching will be next.

The end is near for phase 1 of major reno’s.

Check ya later, gators!


Cindy said...

love it!!!!

Sandi said...

Well I am inspired by that blue - and the fabric. LOL I haven't finished a "nesting" project in so long can't recall it. So I just do "bits"..."scenes" if you like..but I am taking hope in watching you..and getting a giggle along with. It must be ok to giggle with someone you don't know..should be a rule.

DeeDee said...

That color and that fabric is FABULOUS! Blue is my least favorite color, but that is wonderful.