Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elegant pumpkin

I couldn’t resist transforming one of my forlorn pumpkins when I saw THISI loved the look and I didn’t have the adorable flower, cute stamp, or the gorgeous napkin, but I forged ahead anyway!  I did have a luscious black and white swirly napkin that I had been holding back for the perfect project.  So, that was a GO in my book.

This is my forlorn pumpkin that had seen better days.

starting-point He got a couple of coats of Gesso to cover up his uglies.

gesso After the gesso dried, I used matte medium as my adhesive.  You can use Mod Podge or whatever works for you.   I separated the plies of  the napkin and adhered the single decorative layer onto the pumpkin.

layering-napkinsI was quite generous in the application of the medium on top.  The gives a very nice protective finish. 

I then used glitter and coated the stem.  I will probably be purchasing another black glitter that may not have such a blueish tint to it.  Another coat of glitter will make it juuuusssttt right!

I luv this one.  I see it may the foundation of a whole family of black and white flourishes for next year decor. 

I see rhinestones, more glitter…..bwaaa haaa haaa…..