Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween to all the little (and BIG) tricksters.  All the porch decorations are prepped and the lights are on waiting on our 6 little goblins.  That seems to be our average over the years out here in the sticks.  But, I am happy to see all their little painted faces and adorable costumes.

I joined Blissful Art Swap and each month we have a different theme and partner.  This month I received my atc from my swap partner, Dana Strickland.  The theme was DARK.  Dana created the collage titled Marvelous Night for a MoonWatch.  It is really a cool little art piece and perfect for this hallowed night!


I also participated in a tag swap at The Art of Altering with Lisa Venable.  I received these cuties from:

Judy Bidwell


Darlene Rolls


Monica Davis


These were some really great tags and I loved the Halloween theme.  Click on their names to visit their blogs.

Great Stuff Maynard!!

In anticipation of tonight, I made some Atc’s in the spooky spirit.

I have this cute stamp in my stash and it is so easy to embellish and color.  One of my fav’s.Halloween-atc-4


Another variation on the same stamp.Halloween-1

This one is a darker theme.  I love using cheesecloth as a layer.  It is so easy to manipulate.Halloween-atc-6

This one  is another layered cheesecloth and an ode to Chester the Cat.Halloween-atc-7

How dare us humans wake him from his snooze on the shoes.  Don’t you know goblins are about?!!  I must get my rest!

jan 2010 pics 010

The Goblins will be arriving soon and I’d hate to miss even ONE! 

Trick or Treat  to YOU!!

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