Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peez and Tank uu

The past week was spent in great fun and absence from blogging and anything but checking emails.   The days were spent with this Sweet One. 

cuteness on the run  The action shot shows exactly what we were doing most of the time….we were ON THE GO!  A 2 yr. old has stamina, a 56 yr. old does NOT.

We have expanded our vocabulary with precious little words like hungy  (hungry, and that means 5 min. ago), rose ( a new one meaning those which applies to everything she points to).  Peez and Tank U are her constant words which make evident what a good job her parents are doing.  Wuv U and her little kisses melts our hearts at every turn.  I REALLY miss her already.

Phew, we had the greatest time though and I wouldn’t trade a moment.  She’s back at home now keeping her parents on the go for now.  I’m recuperating for the next visit…soon.

So back to the sweat shop….

For relaxation I get to work in my art space.  I’ve had these prisms for a while with this project in mind and finally tackled it.  I love the finished product.  They are nice heavy glass prisms and look great just on ribbons or a chain.   I see a little more embellishment on a couple of them hanging on a chain and some extra goodies added.  


I like the softer colors of this robin.  2 7/8” tall X 2” across is the size of the smaller prisms like this one.






prism cowgirl2


This cowgirl is on the larger prism.  It measures 3 3/4” tall X 2 3/8” across the widest point.







Saloon Gal with an added piece of vintage jewelry.





This poppy shows up beautifully in real life.  You must look past my not so fab photography.  I have found that these prisms along with some shiny bits of vintage jewelry are a bit tricky to photograph.  Hint…any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated by the way!!


I thank you for stopping by for a chit chat.  I’d love to have your comments from you fellow LURKERS. 

Amy you know who you are!!!  teehee



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Cindy said...

Very nice work! "Tank uu" for sharing.