Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chaos = Creativity

I am releasing a photo into the creative world that I know I may snatch back with the delete button.  But, I was actually laughing so hard and was inspired to take the pic in the first place.  There is an order to my chaos that could be revealed under the 3 layers of projects.  Many of you see it or feel it and are shaking your heads in acknowledgement.  What is crazy here is the amount of space that is my work space.

My table is actually a door.  There is plenty of depth to work even with my machines all lined up against the wall, although  I did have to move my serger to make room for ‘stuff’.  Everything I need is within easy reach.  Under the table are my plastic drawers which pertain mainly to sewing paraphernalia.  To my left and out of view is a tall dresser where I keep gluey stuff, coloring things and cutting implements.  I have a plastic type portable table to my right to hold supplies.  Now, if you can zero in where the paper cutter is, you can see that I have created such a mess that I was working in an area about 12” square.  How does this happen??!!  It started out with plenty of space an hour earlier.  It dawned on me what had happened when I was considering retrieving my TV tray for more room to work on and I just started laughing.  I couldn’t help it.  This wasn’t even an intensive art project, but a gathering of materials for kits. 


My craziness is now exposed.  My finger is hovering over the delete post button…….perhaps I will take a pic of the cleaned up and organized table to reprieve myself.

I know I am not alone in this craziness because of my friend Jan and this.  Ahhhhh, thanks Jan for making me fell ‘normal’ in our crafty world.

Welcome to my World

P.S. In order to redeem myself, I have cleared my space and want to show it in it’s best light.  Everything is put in it’s place and I promise it is not in a huge pile BEHIND the photographer.  hmmm, I should have taken a validation photo for that statement.  haha.  Really, the reason is the Sweet One will be here for a visit in a couple of days and it must be made toddler proof.  Or at least to the best of my ability!  She’ll undoubtedly double check the system. 


Phew, Now onto the next child-proofing project.


Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

oh, my goodness...............I'm STILL cleaning up and re-organizing! And it's bee days and days!!!
something tells me that you simply took your arm and shoved everything into the trash can. LOL

still friends:) heehee

DeeDee said...

great job..can you please visit my craft room while I sleep..I promise to show everyone your good try hard to get mone clean..jsut never stays that way..