Saturday, August 21, 2010

Set a spell….

This Friday was a surprise garage sale kind of day.  Not planned, meaning no 6 a.m. wake up alarm, which was wonderful.  I still scored a neat set of chairs that I am super excited about.


Each one has it’s own little stamp of character.  I have a vision of them hanging on a wall holding a lush fern, assortment of my collectables and who knows what else.  I can hang many of my old linens from the rungs.


This is the woven seat of one of them and it is in better condition than the actual chair.  The texture is gorgeous and I may take more pics of this for backgrounds in my altered art projects.


I think we could just set here a spell and watch the ONE car drive by. 


I also found this cute little tin tray and a funnel/filter with the screen still intact.  Just in case I want t0 strain the fresh-squeezed milk from the cow that we don’t own!  I’m just sayin’……

1 comment:

Ruby said...

Looks and sounds like great finds. Those things you find unexpectedly are the best!

Cow or NOT the tray and strainer are grand.