Sunday, June 21, 2009

New additions

Saturday, my garage saleing (sp?) buddy and I went to a neighboring town to check out a sale that had already been shopped over the day before, but this estate had so much stuff you wouldn't have known this was the 2nd day of shopping heaven. There was a ton of stuff and I was in a sensory overload from the minute I went through the door. I am so excited to share my greatest find yet! On the floor, partially tucked under a table was the most unassuming little black box. It is the newest baby of my collection. As if the 3 on my sewing table right now are not enough and the other 4 that I own needed company....sheesh. But this one is special because it will be dedicated to my quilt piecing. It has just the cutest carrying case and perfect for transporting to classes. I had never paid much attention to these little work horses called Featherweights, but I'm in the club of ownership now. Yeah for me.

Then we take a gander here at the silvery and shiny stuff...The oval platter is a nice large size with an art deco motif and is a heavy aluminum I think. The covered server is in the most excellent condition and I loved the beaded edging on that piece. Then there is the silver footed platter.

I must be a magpie at heart because I am so attracted to shiny things. I love silver trays and have several stacked up already. There were a few other trays at the sale, but I really exercised self-control and just brought these few home. This one got the cut because it was footed. A little polish and it will be a real show off.
This is a sewing box I scored at a sale a couple of weeks ago. It was packed with goodies inside and was just like Christmas going through all of it. It had several marking pens for fabric that aren't in the pic because they have already found a home at my work table.

Just looking at this cute basket makes you want to mend something......or not. At least it will look adorable while waiting to be put to a good use when needed.
I did take more pics of the other goodies, but Blogger is challenging me on every photo upload.  More at another time.
A footnote:  It is funny how I was just fixin' to publish this post the other day when the phone rang which led to dinner out for father's day, then a nice visit afterward.  Then, unexpected and terrific surprise company that dropped in and ended up with an overnight visit.  And all the while I am gathering stuff for my trip away for the next week.  May I emphasize Chaotic??!!!  understatement, for sure!  haha, but I scrounged this post up from the drafts and finally can share it.  Enjoy, and I can't wait to post about the Paper Cowgirl retreat in Waxahachie this weekend.  Check ya later, alligator.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next Verse, Same Song?

I have another chapter in the "why I've been gone so long" saga. I had mentioned that I was able to swerve by a couple of garage sales. That was besides the one I helped with in Justin with my dear SIL. I had snagged the berry basket for just pennies and then hit the mother load of flatware for just a tad bit of elbow grease to uncover the treasure. Phew! It is a complete set..nearly..just short a couple of pieces. Shockeroo. I will clean several of these pieces up and probably use them. Now, the piece in question is the wooden plaque thingy with the swivel hooks. I am assuming it is a tie holder in it's original life? If you have another tidbit of info, I would appreciate the heads up. My favorite find is the pair of sconces. One is missing the center nut cover, but I am sure there is some decorative alternative to fill in the void. I love the plug in outlet on each one. I am thinking I will be using these in a farm house redo I have on the back burner of my 1000 projects.
In the stop by my house to repack my bags for another road trip...I had a package waiting and it was this awesome charm. Tina Wright made these and sent them to the first few registrants for the Paper Cowgirl retreat. This is a great prelude to a great weekend that is just around the corner and down the road. Yee Haw!
It got a bit dark before I could gather up all the other garage sale goodies. I will corral those and snag a pic tomorrow and share some more goodies.
Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Long time, no see

Hi again, after a long break from blogging...I'm back. It was never intentional y'all to be away for so long, but ya just never know how life can get so busy. So, to catch you up on the first chapter....I went to North Carolina and helped the dear son and his dear family relocate. I're wondering if I loaded that entire truck myself! haha, of course not, I had help. After a long day of packers and movers, it was bittersweet to see the household rolling on down the road. But a new horizon was in sight. The big truck found it's way to Texas. Another few days and things were in order at the new address. We really lucked out to have such awesome good weather at both ends of the move.
The dear grand-daughter found time to settle into her pool and cool off after working so hard to supervise us all to do our jobs. That job being to pay total attention to her. haha. What a chore that one was!! I can't complain about that job at all.
The dear one flew home with Grandma while the parents drove the trip to TX. That would have to be another chapter in itself. That baby loves to travel and entertain and now has a fan club.
Amidst all the moving about, I did find time to hit a few garage sales and I will try to post some of those goodies ASAP. Stay tuned for the next chapter.....Sooner than later I hope....