Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sale Countdown

I have made huge headway in the studio dept.  I had to quit ripping out and start cleaning this week.  I am now setting up for a clearance sale on Saturday.  I had to rip out the shelves one board at a time from the wall to the right.  Oh Me Oh My, what a project that was pulling 4 and 5” nails from 2x4’s.  Those shelves were almost tornado proof the way they had been built.  With those cleared away, I have room to hang another shelving from an adjoining room that I also have torn up.  I am a good tearer-upper in case you haven’t noticed.  I am ready to put it all back together VERY SOON!studio-cleared

I have unpacked many boxes in the past few days and I must say……”Where in the heck did all this stuff come from??!!!” 

I have a herd-O-birdies.






This is a tip of the proverbial iceberg and it needs to be GONE.  On Saturday, I hope all this goodness has a new home.

I hope today is a wonderful day and I want to share some Sweetness with everyone…

Ayla's spring hat

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