Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fluff (almost) under control

I've been away too long y'all. Been missing blogland and have a lot to catch up on. To get you up to speed on the sweatshop adventures.....

If you remember, I've been swallowed up with chiffon and ruffles. Then, I was drowning in the next layer of ruffles.......

and the trail of fabric left from my machine and trailed all around the room. And that was for just one skirt!!
And then....TA DA!...I can finally put in on Ms. Manni for adjustments. She was thrilled with the fit. Of course, it is so completely adjustable to her many sizes with just the tie of a bow.
Now, to finish 4 more of these and then a flower girl skirt in a different color combo. Adorable.

I did take out one evening to put together a couple of outfits for the dear grand-daughter. I love the little sundresses that criss-cross in the back. This one I made reversible with the pink eyelet and reverse to satin. haha. Maybe not the most practical, but it is what I had in my stash. After all we are way out in the middle of no- where land and I never start these projects until LATE at night. LOL!
The eyelet reverses to the satin on the other side and of course the satin 'ruffle-butt' panties. The style that only wee babies and toddlers can wear with any fashion sense at all!
I put together her Easter dress. I fell in love with this plaid taffeta. The colors were so fresh and spring-like. I embroidered the diagonals and added the daisies to the bodice.
Sorry for the washed out pic...I didn't take time for photoshop fixes.
I added an attached petticoat of a fresh lime green organza. I left the little ruffles off these panties, since of course this is a more grown up girly ensemble. I am eager to see her model this one....via digipic, of course.
I also have a couple of pics of the Prom gals. I will share those tomorrow....For now, I must crash before I burn.


Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

TERRI, they're all beautiful, but the bridesmaid skirt!!! oh, my gosh. gorgeous!!
do ya still think you'll be usin' all of that amazing brown fabric??? LOL

can't wait til the retreat!!! jan

cindy said...

Wow, your sewing is amazing! Love the brown and blue! Just gorgeous!

yap cat