Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long road home

Well, this pic sums it up!! I saw tons of asphalt and center stripes, but they all led me to my beloved home.

I LOVE the Smokey Mountains. The air, the trees, the flora and fauna, the TREES, mountains and the variety of trees!! I am from a tree and mountain-deprived part of the country and I just soak up all of God's gifts sprounting from the earth. I get recharged when I travel this part of the country.

I get home and feel fall in the air. Love this time of year. Cool breezes and pumpkins and rich colors everywhere. I am getting started on my fall decorating....

My Motto....If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.

Get up and get a project finished today and check it off your list!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just because I haven't blogged, doesn't mean I am not lurking in cyberspace.  I haven't had the opportunity to catch a minute to post pics.  Granddaughters are having the priority and afterall, she is training us to her schedule.  haha.  We now eat breakfast at noonish and dinner around 9 o'clockish......PM! that is!!  She is quite pleased that we are all a quick study in the schedule dept.

I will head home to the flatlands of Texas next week.  BOOHOO! (tears flowing already)  I hope to hit a few garage sales and do some fleas on the way back home.  Surely I will snag some good finds in 5-6 states I will travel through.  I do have a trailer hitch, just in case my junk crowds me out of my drivers seat.  Having that Okie blood in my veins...I am not afraid to strap a few things on the top of my car either.  haha.  My DH may cringe when I drive up at the casa.  I can see it now........!!
Hey Grandma....I'm ready to go junkin' with ya!!  Let's go...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Talking With God

I talk with God in the morning
when the day is at it's best
And I talk with God in the evening
as the day departs for rest.

My God is always near me to hear
what I have to say
So I talk to my God as he listens
from the beginning to end of the day.

He stands there as my companion
as my very dear friend
I know he'll still be with me
when I reach my journey's end.

Ina Belle
This poem was composed by my dear mother-in-law. It was written inside the front cover of her bible with the request that it be read at her funeral.
It was read aloud for many dear friends to hear this week. We greatly mourn her passing. She had a full life at 95 years. We rejoice with her that she is traveling with God and her husband again.
This week has been full of great joy with our new grand-daughter and the great sadness of the passing of a wiser generation from us. Take care that each day is spent in fullness of love and the grace of the Lord.