Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just because I haven't blogged, doesn't mean I am not lurking in cyberspace.  I haven't had the opportunity to catch a minute to post pics.  Granddaughters are having the priority and afterall, she is training us to her schedule.  haha.  We now eat breakfast at noonish and dinner around 9 o'clockish......PM! that is!!  She is quite pleased that we are all a quick study in the schedule dept.

I will head home to the flatlands of Texas next week.  BOOHOO! (tears flowing already)  I hope to hit a few garage sales and do some fleas on the way back home.  Surely I will snag some good finds in 5-6 states I will travel through.  I do have a trailer hitch, just in case my junk crowds me out of my drivers seat.  Having that Okie blood in my veins...I am not afraid to strap a few things on the top of my car either.  haha.  My DH may cringe when I drive up at the casa.  I can see it now........!!
Hey Grandma....I'm ready to go junkin' with ya!!  Let's go...

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